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Fun With Sight Words

Have fun learning sight words with videos, puzzles, games and flashcards.

FRY 1 to 25 Sight Words

Why Your Kid Should Learn Sight Words

Learning sight words is an important skill for beginning readers.  Sight words are words that are frequently used words in the English language.  If a beginning reader can easily recognize sight words they will have a strong foundation for reading.  Since these words often appear in texts, it will make it easier for kids to start reading.

Sight words are also known as tricky words, high-frequency words, star words, heart words and popcorn words.

FREE Sight Word Worksheets

An example of a sight word worksheet is below.  Click here for more worksheets.

FREE Sight Word Coloring pages

An example of a word coloring page is below.  Click here for more Coloring pages.


Sight word “were” worksheet. Trace, color and find the sight word, “were.” Also practice reading the word in sentences.

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Sight Word “they” coloring page.

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Online Word Search Puzzle

Find sight words in this online interactive word search.  Click here. to find more word search puzzles.